A little bit about me :)

I love reading about the person behind any blog posts I read online so I decided to write about myself as well.

My name is Dorit and I am married to my soul mate, Artur. We have 2 beautiful daughters; Sheli and Yael (who is sitting on my laps while I type this with one hand).

After finishing my business degree I worked in the insurance industry for four years, however after having my kids I quickly realized it would be really nice to work from home and enjoy my family rather than spending my precious time working for someone else and help him/her get richer. Hate to admit it but sometimes I was even jealous of my own husband for being self employed and for being able to manage his own time.

This is how my “working from home” journey began… at first I jumped into the first network marketing company I heard of and started to promote their products. I did pretty well in the beginning but when the challenges came along I looked for motivators and money, wealth and possessions did not motivate me at all. Then came the really ugly part, I got so depressed and unhappy to the point I was questioning life (this is so unlike me!). Not realizing that all I had to do is dig in and figure out what are the things I enjoy doing and why? And then, out of nowhere my mother-in-law recommended I read “The Beauty Detox Solution” by Kimberly Snyder, a clinical nutritionist. This book inspired me so much that I decided to follow her steps and become a nutritionist myself.

So I got into the best nutrition school in town and boy I am having fun!!!  When you don’t feel how three hours fly by (after a long day of babysitting your own baby) you know you are at the right place. I am very happy and excited to be part of this and promise to share with you great and beneficial things I learn about our food and nutrition.

Food is such an essential part of  our lives. We eat three times a day (sometimes more), we work in order to buy food, we go to restaurants to socialize with friends and family and enjoy a good meal. Out lives revolve around food, we do it all the time but somehow along the way we lost the knowledge of how to do it right.  If we keep throwing garbage foods into our body it will eventually become a garbage bin and a sign of that is sickness. I will finish by quoting my teacher, Lorene Sauro: “we have lost the art of the meal”. My goal is to inspire you to eat the same delicious foods you love by just tweaking the recipe a bit for the better in order to get the absolute maximum from that food. To show you that you can enjoy a yummy meal, just use the right ingredients. Remember, the reason we eat is one and only: to nourish ourselves and give our bodies what it needs to function at its full capacity and its absolute best!

Stay tuned for more delicious blog posts 🙂

Enjoy great foods, nourish your body, Love life!


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