21 Benefits of turmeric

Here are 21 reasons to incorporate turmeric in your diet:

1. Natural anti-inflammatory
2. Natural antibiotic
3. Natural antiseptic
4. Natural analgestic
5. Speeds up wound healing
6. Improves digestion
7. Blood purifier
8. Strengthens ligaments
9. Skin tonic
10. Helps caughs
11. Improves astma
12. Antiarthritic
13. Slows progression os MS
14. Helps prevent gas/bloating
15. Lowers cholesterol
16. Heals stomach ulcers
17. Improves skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, etc)
18. Helps prevent cancer (breast, prostate, skin, colon, lymphoma, leukemia)
19. Prevents progression of Alzheimer’s
20. Aids in fat metabolism and weight managment
21. Reduces side effects of chemotherapy

I think these are enough reasons to incorporate turmeric in your diet!