7 Health Benefits of Quinoa and a Recipe for Quinoa Sushi – Kids’ friendly food

7 health benefits of quinoa:  1) Quinoa is a complete protein, which means your body gets all the essential amino-acids it needs to build things like antibodies, enzymes, neurotransmitters, etc. Many people think we must eat meat or chicken in order to get enough protein in our diet, which is simply not true. 2) Quinoa … Read more

Baked Falafel Vegan Recipe with Israeli Salad and Tahini dressing – Great for kids!

My journey in the kids’-friendly kitchen is continuing and this recipe was actually my daughter’s idea after reading a book about traveling to Israel. Dinosaur is traveling to Israel and eating a falafel in a pita at the Shuk 🙂 She said: “mommy let’s eat falafel today!”. Here is what I came up with: Baked … Read more

Healthy birthday cake for kids

Recipe for a healthy birthday cake for kids – dairy free and gluten free (made from quinoa)! I get tons of compliments for this recipe as people cannot believe this delicious cake is actually dairy free and gluten free! My husband and kids LOVE this cake, it usually doesn’t survive until the next day as … Read more