Great Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives

I personally quit consuming dairy products about two years ago and what a difference has it made in my life! I used to have sinusitis, migraines, random skin eruptions, red patches all over my body, and the worst, chronic throat infections. I didn’t even know I had a sensitivity to dairy, but all these have disappeared once I stopped consuming cow’s milk products. Very occasionally I would have feta cheese made from sheep’s or goat milk, but never from a cow! My three year old daughter used to have recurring throat infections, just like me. She would be in daycare only half of the month and rest of the time she was home healing from those horrific infections (this is while we are still paying for these days and either my husband or I are missing valuable days of work). I was really scared to take her off dairy, just because I didn’t know how to supplement her with sufficient amounts of calcium. Thank goodness no more fear and uncertainty! Since I took her off this horrible stuff she hasn’t had any infection, she hasn’t been sick for over a year! No more missing daycare for us!

So where do we get our calcium from? We eat tons of nuts at home. This is actually my daughter’s favourite snack while we are driving in the car. I prefer giving her this instead of sticking a cookie or candy into her mouth. Another source is these wonderful beverages, we all love them! I make my own nutty milks in the blender and we drink them just like you see in the picture, or we add them to our cereal. I also bake with these alternatives, and the result is exactly the same as baking with dairy.

Another milk alternative which you don’t see here is coconut milk. I absolutely love everything made from coconut, but coconut milk is of my favourits especially for baking, just because it has a very rich and thick consistency; it is a great alternative to dairy. You can use all of the above milks in your baking, smoothies and cooking they are all great and enriched with calcium.

Do you have other alternatives to milk? I would love to know all about it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Great Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives”

  1. Raw goat milk or cow milk are not bad for us as we have been led to believe. Raw milk has all its enzymes still alive, once we pasturize the milk and homogenize it we kill one of the best foods created. I know in Ontario it’s illegal so you offer good options.

  2. Raw goat & caw’s milk is amazing! I wish it was easier to find though, right now it feels more like an underground activity to get it 🙂

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