How to make your kids eat raw vegetables?

Hi everyone!

Recently I started a new routine in our home and it seems to work like magic! Both our kids go to daycare and we noticed that they prefer to eat sweet and starchy food most of the time, however we remember the good old days (before they started daycare) when they really enjoyed fresh raw vegetables. So I thought how I could solve this problem without arguing and sticking veggies into their mouth. Here is what I’ve done: Once a week (Thursday), after shopping, I cut up all veggies into sticks and put them in separate boxes in the fridge. I make sure not to serve dinner right after they are back from daycare, as they usually open the fridge to look for something to nibble on. The first thing they see are ready to eat veggie sticks! We tried it for a month now and success rate is appx 80{745d648320090751fc11977eda077fb3ce8a6df17f2267d81b46985d67860adb}!! Try it out as well and let me know how it goes!

Here are pics of my veggie boxes freshly  just today 🙂