What’s on your plate? Documentary about kids and food politics – film review [video]

This is a must watch film for parents and their teenage children.

The movie follows two teenage girls as they explore the sources of our food and  interview various people in the food industry.

After watching the documentary you’ll learn about:

  • the real diet of children in North American schools
  • juices from concentrates, empty calories and foods loaded with sugars
  • better sources of food including local farmers and organic fruits and vegetables
  • growing your own fruits and vegetables
  • engaging children to visit farms and plant their own food
  • food industry’s affect on our environment
  • diseases caused by improper nutrition
It’s like Food, Inc with a focus on children nutrition.

The movie is very engaging and interesting. Above all it is educational as it discusses one of the most important issues of 21st century.

Find out more on their website: http://www.whatsonyourplateproject.org/