How to pack your lunch bag and not pollute the environment?

I have always believed that plastic cutlery is a huge waste because of two things. First of all it is extremely polluting to the environment as we know that synthetic plastic doesn’t decompose naturally. I know it is super convenient to just toss them into the garbage. Most of us don’t really think of what will happen to them in the landfill. Second, I believe that using them actually makes us lazy. For example, I know someone who uses them at home (!) because of the convenience of not washing them. On the other hand I have a friend that can turn on a dish-washing machine after having lunch by herself! Such a waste. It seems to me sometimes that we are so dependent on these one-time-use objects and technology, that we cannot think of doing things otherwise.

Recently, my husband and I had a talk on how we can help to pollute less on a daily basis, we started with his lunch bag. I used to put food for him in a plastic container with some fruits and veggies. He would buy a huge pack of plastic cutlery and cups and every day throw one away, such a waste!
Here is a really cool idea by my husband:

So smart! Thank you honey for easing my task of packing your lunch bag. At the end of the day he brings all that back and we wash it. So simple!

I hope this will inspire you to at least bring your reusable cutlery and cups to work 🙂

Much love,